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Tips And Recipes

Ocean Deli

Chilli Crab
Feast in the savoury goodness of succulent crab meat in a pool of scrumptious sauce. With Ocean Deli’s Chili Crab Bundle, you can create your own version of Singapore’s most iconic dish at home! Chilli crab sauce (230G) ADD 2 tablespoons of oil, 1 bottle of chili crab sauce, 2 bottles of water (same jar) into the wok. HEAT Turn on the flame and stir well. When boiled, add in the chopped & clean..
Pepper Crab
Dig in and devour on a delectable plate of this classic crab recipe. Pamper your taste buds with the aromatic essence of Homemade Black Pepper Crab! Rich and Peppery sauce packed with the king of spices, "black pepper", full flavor that lingers after each taste. Great for seasoning, stir fry, dipping sauce, and BBQ..